Environment, Health & Safety

At Ajanta, we have a well-defined environmental, health and safety policy. The policy covers the company, all our subsidiaries, and the contractors working for us.

We recognise our responsibility to address climate change and global warming which are posing long-term challenges. We ensure that the business is run in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner to minimise the impact. Our efforts in this regard are manifested by diligently complying with applicable laws and regulations, and taking proactive measures to maintain ecological balance.

As a responsible corporate, we have been implementing energy conservation projects across our business units on an ongoing basis. We have already implemented solar energy generation at our various units, which is currently fulfilling 9% of our total energy requirement. This is being strengthened further as the renewal energy is expected to fulfil about 47% of our total energy requirement. This will further reduce carbon footprint.

4,621 Tones CO2 emission reduce
327,744 Trees saved from cutting
16,920 KL of water consumption reduced
3,426 Tones of Coal usage reduced
1,643 Nos. of oil Barrel saved

Air emission levels and waste generated quantity by us are much below permissible limit approved by regulatory authorities. We adhere to all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We also conserve consumption of water by recycling every drop of water in our manufacturing facilities. We also follow zero discharge policy from our units.

Environment Clearances

Environment Statements